Java EE 8 brings a plenty of new features which are valuable to build modern applications.

I have spent some time on updating myself to the newest Java EE 8 technology stack. This mini book is my learning notes when I refreshed my knowledge to Java EE 8. It will not cover the existing content in Java EE 7. If you are new to Java EE or need a comprehensive guide of Java EE, I suggest you read the official Java EE Tutorial carefully.

Sample codes

All sample codes mentioned in this book can be found here.

And the source codes of this book itself are also hosted on my github, check here.

Read it online

This book will be synchronized to Gitbook, go here to read it online.


This is an open source book, if you have some suggestions or find some issues (even grammar errors, I am a non-English guy), do not hesitate to file an issue on Github issues or send a pull request directly.